434- vintage market days with you




Build: Carnaval – Scarlet Creative * July Luxe Box
Bed: Boho princess bed – Cheeky Pea * new @ uber
Canopy: Boho princess canopy – Cheeky Pea *new @ uber
Boho Princess Rug – Cheeky Pea *new @ uber
Buncha Cups – Standby Inc
Baskets – Cheeky Pea
Clock radio/yellow – tres blah
Vintage camera – tres blah
Vintage sewing machine – Kuro
A pile of antique windows – ionic
Vintage dress mannequin – ionic
Vintage market sign – ionic
Perfume collection – tres blah
Decorative plates – dutchie
Hangers Pile /rare – kalopsia
Idle /stacked plates – Art Dummy
Madeleine’s Plate Pile – kalopsia *new @ uber
Long sidetable/white – kalopsia
Pully light/antique – token&tribe
Perfume bottle/tatiana’s – Glam Affair
Crate of old music /flea market finds – Second Spaces
Vintage lunch boxes/ flea market finds – Second Spaces
Silver Rocking Horse – kalopsia
Basket w/blanket – dust bunny
Folding side table – dust bunny
Most favorite board – hive
Vintage golf club set – EliBaily
Clothes basket /dover clothes gacha – EliBaily
Madeleine’s Roses Bucket – kalopsia *new @ uber
Small vase of yellow roses – tres blah
Vintage radio – tartessos arts
Record player/sky – vespertine
Old milk glass vases/ flea market finds – Second Spaces
Small cabinet / Nerites – Scarlet Creative
Grammaphone/storybook living – dust bunny
Old telephone – Bazar
Telephone/flower yellow – Soothe
Telephone/blackdot – Soothe
Vintage fashion sketches/flea market finds – Second Spaces
Rack/Dover clothes – EliBaily
Short Dress/Dover clothes – EliBaily
Long Dress/Dover clothes – EliBaily


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