436 – and I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be




Skybox: Classical White- Rageworks
Fireplace/magical christmas – zerkalo
Eclectic standing mirror.cream- llorisen
Harpsichord/&stool – Fancy Decor
Music Book- Fancy Decor
Handle Portrait – Fancy Decor
Marlowe’s Cloche/Copper – Kalopsia
French Bulldog – Hannah Kozlowski (on mp)
Hat boxes /mademoiselle – zerkalo
Silver armchairs/modded blue – Bazar
Perfume collection/jolie – tres blah
Heart box/mademoiselle – zerkalo
Parlor rug – Fancy Decor
Birdcage with flowers – Zenith
Madeleine’s Daybead – Kalopsia *new
Floor Candelabra (gold) – Fancy Decor
Lace glove/mademoiselle – zerkalo
Madeleine’s Trolley – White – Kalopsia *new
Madeleine’s Croquembouche – Kalopsia *new
Flower ball / mademoiselle – zerkalo
Metal ladder – Kalopsia
Madeleine’s plate pile – Kalopsia *new
Madeleine’s roses bucket – Kalopsia *new
Candlestick/floria – Bazar
Classic Chandelier /white – Fancy Decor
Petite console table/cotton – tres blah
Antique clock/floria – Bazar
Savory tier rare/tea time – tres blah
Chic perfume 2 /jolie – tres blah
Tea time /tea cup – tres blah
Bennett drapes Mirrored/standard *modded blue – The Loft
Sheer curtain/plain curtain Small – Ink
Curtain /petite paris *modded – Ariskea
String of pearls/white – Half-Deer
Crystal romance garland – Half-Deer
Twinkle Stringlights – Half-Deer
Pink Climbing Roses – TSG Botanicals


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