454 – oh, mirror in the sky, what is love?






Shelby Creek Lodge – Trompe Loeil *new @ Fameshed September
Kitchen Counters/Sink/Stove – Amala *new @ Arcade
Shelf Wall/farmhouse kitchen – Brixley
Wall rack RARE / kitchen collection – Second Spaces
Island – Amala *new @ Arcade
Groceries sign – Brixley
Eat Sign/the Kitchen – Pixel Mode
Rusted Flour Tin – Apple Fall *new @ Fameshed
Country Table – Apple Fall *new @ Fameshed September
Classic Dining Chair – Apple Fall *new @ Fameshed September
Rug: Henly Rug – what next
Poppy Seed Loaves – Apple Fall *new @ Fameshed September
Scale black/ kitchen basics – tres blah
Numbered shelves/farmhouse kitchen – Brixley
Holborn Hanging Ivy – YS&YS
Coffee pot/kitchen basics – tres blah
Rolling Pins/Assorted – Apple Fall *new @ Fameshed September
Herb Rack – Amala *new @ Arcade
Clipboard & grinders – Amala *new @ Arcade
Storage Canisters Natural /retro kitchen – Trompe Loeil
Kitchen decorative utensils – ARIA
Piled Chopping boards – ARIA
Spices/The Kitchen – Pixel Mode
Kitchen pot /yellow/ Emma’s Sweet kitchen – B.C.C
Cook Books/the kitchen – Pixel Mode
Adult Lab/Lively labs – JIAN *new @ Arcade
The Laptop /Open – Amala *new @ Arcade
Classic Chandelier /gold – Fancy Decor
Antique hanging pot rack – Trompe Loeil
Curtain/Granny’s winter cottage – 8f8
Pigeonhole clock – junk *new @ Arcade
Dirty washboard – junk *new @ Arcade
Copper Kettle/the kitchen – Pixel Mode
Sourbread Loaf in Tin – Apple Fall *new @ Fameshed September
Antique Jug of Flowers/white – Amala *new @ Arcade
Carton of Eggs – Amala *new @ Arcade
Autumn is Calling Frame – Brixley
Baking Scales/white – Amala *new @ Arcade
Vegetable Cutting Board – Amala *new @ Arcade
Fall Gourds in Vintage Bowl – Apple Fall *new @ Fameshed September
Kitchen Frame – Kalopsia *new
Vintage basin – junk *new @ Arcade
Autumn Words Canvas – Brixley
Propper shutters/color modded – Brixley



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