473 – but we’re still tugging on each other and tearing up the fraying loose ends




Home: Rustic Cabin – Deathrow Designs *new @ Shiny Shabby
Bed: Raleigh bed – tarte *past Luxe Box
Fireplace: Kendra Cozy Fireplace – Cheeky Pea *new @ Fameshed
Blanket: Kendra Cozy Fireplace Cuddle Blanket – Cheeky Pea *new @ Fameshed
Aurelia’s Ladder/White – Kalopsia *new @ Chapter 4
Wingback chair: Oxford wingback chair- Apple Fall *new @ Shiny Shabby
Windmill: Aurelia’s Windmill Decor – Kalopsia *new @ Chapter 4
Wood Chair: Aurelia’s Chair with Pillow – Kalopsia *new @ Chapter 4
Autumn monogram banner – brixley *new @ salem
Aurelia’s Acorns Frame – Kalopsia *new @ Chapter 4
Casper White pumpkin – Apple Fall *new @ Fameshed
Sidetable: Hallsey Sidetable Blonde – The Loft *new @ salem
Lamp: Inara lamp – The Loft *new @ salem
Pumpkin Dough bowl – The Loft *new @ salem
Aurelia’s Wood Blocks / Apple – Kalposia *new @ Chapter 4
Leatherbound book: Aurelia’s Autumn Book – Kalopsia *new @ Chapter 4
Orange pumpkin/buckskin 1 – Apple Fall *new @ Fameshed
Gourds in Vintage Bowl – Apple Fall
Birch Candles – Fancy Decor
Painted Jar / Orange – Kalopsia
Painted Jar / Red – Kalopsia
Painted Jar / Yellow – Kalopsia
Squirrel pillow/into the woods gacha – Atomic
Fresh bouquet/storybook living – dust bunny
Apple Pie /wanderlust – dust bunny
Cookies & cocoa – dust bunny
Concertina book stool – junk
Fishing lantern/brick – tarte
Hanging bucket lamp/silver – hive
Hanging bucket lamp/rusty – hive
Stack of blankets – vespertine
White pumpkin/great white – Apple Fall *new @ fameshed
Heart you sign- hive
Breakfast tray/florian – ISPACHI
Autumn Poppy Flower vase – ariskea
Rainboots decor green/porch gatcha – Izzie’s
Ivy autumn – Ink
Iron Basket/Rust with leaves – Kalopsia
Rainroad lantern/mesabi – POST
Tall empty lantern – hive
Throw blanket/grace – Mudhoney
Twig frame/wanderlust – dust bunny
Texture Change Runner Rug – PILOT
Console table: Kuo Console table – The Loft
Twig wreath – Apple Fall
Hanging Leaves: Leaf Mobile – tarte
Curtains: Bennet Drapes – The Loft
Curtain sheer: Plain Curtain small – Ink
Decorative Lights – Botanical
Chest: Trunk mystery mansion – Deathrow Designs
Classic Chandelier/gold – Fancy Decor
Fallen leaves groundcover – artilleri
Plaid luggage bag – Apple Fall
Worn Luggage bag – Apple Fall
Axe & Logs – Amala
Barndoor- floorplan


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