481 – Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies


{ aria }

Montogomery Fur Coat – REIGN *new @ Epiphany
Witchy crop top/ jacket version – REIGN *new @ Epiphany
Coven Skater Skirt/Spell – REIGN *new @ Epiphany
Coven Ankle Boots- REIGN *new @ Epiphany
Coven Thigh Socks w/Garter – REIGN *new @ Epiphany
Necklace: Moon crystal gold – REIGN *new @ Epiphany
Earrings: Pentagram earrings gold – REIGN *new @ Epiphany
Tattoo Choker Necklace/Deathy – REIGN
Selene Septum/Diamond – Yummy
Hair: Tegan – Oleander
Lipstick: Temptation Lip Gloss – Veechi
Eyeliner: Obsession Liner – Veechi

{ decor }

Love Potion- REIGN *new @ Epiphany
Cellphone/Next supreme – REIGN *new @ Epiphany
Tumbler/Black Magic Traveler – REIGN *new @ Epiphany
Spellbook bag – REIGN * new @ Epiphany
Skybox: Classical White -RageWorks
Fireplace: Boudoir/gacha – Birdy
Portrait: Beethoven Portrait – Fancy Decor
White Rug / Boudoir gacha – Birdy
Drapes/Bennet Drapes White – The Loft
Sheer curtain/plain curtain – Ink (nontroppo Torii)
Floor Candelabra – Fancy Decor
Piano/ Harpischord RARE – Fancy Decor
Pose: Del May


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