482- but no one is ever gonna love you more than I do


Uniform Top/Black Nosebleeds / ReignxBesom *new @ Epiphany
Uniform Skirt/Black Nosebleeds / ReignxBesom *new @ Epiphany
Studded Collar/Black – Nosebleeds / ReignxBesom *new @ Epiphany
Platform Boots/Black – Nosebleeds / ReignxBesom *new @ Epiphany
Pom Pom/Black – Nosebleeds / ReignxBesom *new @ Epiphany
Blk Magic Water Bottle – Reign *new @ Epiphany
Hair: Skye – Oleander *new @ Epiphany
Bracelet/Amelia Bracelet – Amala
Rings: Spring Midi Rings – Izzie’s
Necklace: Tiny Heart Necklace – Amala
Heart nose stud – Amala
Septum/ Selene Septum Diamond – Yummy
Lipstick: Temptation Lipgloss – Veechi
Eye Makeup: Luster Glam Shadow – Veechi
Nails: Double Agent Gloss Nails – Veechi
Pose: Glamrus



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