512 – and hush now don’t cry, build your walls high




Skin: Sugar 2/Elf – Atomic *new @ Arcade
Dress: Ice Queen Dress Rare – Moon Amore *new @ Arcade
Ring: Crystal Ring/ Ice – Moon Amore *new @ Arcade
Wings: Frozen Xmas Wings – Moon Amore *new @ Arcade
Tiara: Crystal Tiara Ice – Moon Amore *new @ Arcade
Shrug: Alpine Fur/Pure The Twelfth Night – Cureless *new @ Arcade
Baby: Miracle Angel Baby Wings Girl 01 – Black Bantam *new @ Arcade
Pup: Metamorphosis.Triple puppy – Sitting Decor – Fawny *new @ Arcade
Orbs: FrozenXmas – Moon Amore *new @ Arcade
Makeup: Obsession Liner – Veechi
Hair: Purr – little bones.
The Heart Nose Stud- Amala
Septum- Selene Septum Diamond – Yummy


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