515 – had your chance but baby you blew it



{ aria }

Dress: Dress *Queen* Rare/Show Time – Blueberry *new @ Arcade
Boots: Nel Shoes – Blueberry *new @ Arcade
Shrugs: Coat /Famous/RARE – Blueberry *new @ Arcade
Mask: Queen/Show Time – Blueberry *new @ Arcade
Choker: Wide Velvet Choker Plain – Foxy
Hair: Izzie- Oleander
{ decor }

Build: Club Spot/Light Grrl Club – The Horror *new @ Arcade
Rose/Neon Aesthetic – The Horror! *new @ Arcade
Fur Stool/Grrl Club – The Horror! *new @ Arcade
Bubble Chair/Grrl Club – The Horror! *new @ Arcade
Fur Rug/Grrl Club – The Horror *new @ Arcade
Wine/Grrl Club – The Horror *new @ Arcade



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