518 -our love was made for movie screens




Build: Annelise Cottage RARE – Scarlet Creative *new @ The Arcade
Bed: Lizette Bed/Bed&Breakfast – Aqua – PG – Deathrow Designs new @ The Crossroads
Canopy: Lizette Canopy/Bed and Breakfast – Deathrow Designs new @
Bench: Lizette Bench/Bed&Breakfast – Deathrow Designs *new @ TLC
Flying curtains/white lace – Knick Knacks
Chair: Rosie’s Cuddle Chair – Kalopsia *new @ C88
Rosie’s Bird Cage Lamp – Kalopsia *new @ C88
Table Top Tree Lighted/Victoria’s Christmas – Pixel Mode
Vase: Lizette Elegant Vase/Bed&Breakfast – Deathrow Designs *new @ The Crossroads
Rag wreath – dust bunny
Wintery Wreath – what next *new for FLF
Rosie’s Branches Vase – Kalopsia *new @ C88
Twinkle Stringlights Hanging / Short – Half Deer
Noel Marquee – tarte *new @ C88
Rug white/boudoir – Birdy
White baby Birds – Half Deer *new for FLF
Confetti ground cover – vespertine *new @ C88
Rosie’s Deer/Polka Mint – Kalopsia *new @ C88
Small Crown Lantern (silver) – what next *new @ C88
Mini Igloo Lantern – Soy *new @ C88
Toadstool/gold – Kalopsia *new @ C88
Boho Fairy Light Bottle/Hanging – Maxi G *new @ C88
Snow globe – dust bunny
Wooden Christmas Tree Silver – ionic *new Chapter Four
Gold Candles/Boudoir – Birdy
Vintage Space Heater/pearl – dust bunny
Gift Box Rectangle (Silver) – Kalopsia *new for FLF
Boho Fairy Light Bottle /Wine2 White- Maxi G *new @ C88
Tiny Tree/Magical Christmas – zerkalo
Boho Fairy Light Bottle/Brandy White – Maxi G *new @ C88
Sleeping Highland Puppy & sleigh bed – Dust Bunny & OMEN *new @ C88
Hanging Snowflake #2 (white) – what next *new @ C88
Knox Floor Lamp- tarte *new @ C88
Upcycled shutter table – dust bunny *new @ C88
Miniature village shelf – dust bunny *new @ C88
Twinkle fairylight branch /silver – vespertine *new @ C88
Lighted jar.type a – dust bunny *new @ C88
Marshmellow jar – dust bunny *new @ C88
Tea kettle – dust bunny *new @ C88
Candy cane mug – dust bunny *new @ C88
Winter bulbs – dust bunny
Hanging Snowflake #3 (pink&gold) – what next *new @ C88
Hanging Snowflake #4 (pink&gold) – what next *new @ C88
Hanging Snowflake #1 (pink&gold) – what next *new @ C88


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