539 – I wanna really really really wanna zigazig ha.


Rewind is a 90s event. If you’re ready to get your ying yangs & smiley faces on. This event is speaking to me on all levels. The thirteen year old rl me is legit celebrating every single thing I’ve been sneak peeking. Rewind opens Feb 10th and closes Feb 28th. Check it out and grab up the goodies! xo. Aria

{ aria }

Hair: The Trishie Hair – Olive * coming soon to Rewind
Shirt: 90s crop – Fetch *coming soon to Rewind
Jeans: Silvia Ripped Boyfriend Jeans – Addams
Platforms: Katya Platforms – Garbaggio *coming soon to Rewind
90s glasses – Izzie’s *coming soon to Rewind
Troll Pencil/Flashback – DISORDERLY *coming soon to Rewind
Virtual pet yellow- Luas *coming soon to Rewind

{ decor }

Lips Couch Pink/ As If – Ariskea *coming soon to Rewind
90s Smiley pillow/As If – Ariskea *coming soon to Rewind
1990s Neon Sign/As If – Ariskea *coming soon to Rewind
DiskStak Table/Color – Little Llama *coming soon to Rewind
Magazines/Flashback – DISORDERLY *coming soon to Rewind
Plastic Toys Bag Orange – Luas *coming soon to Rewind
Troll Doll/Rare – DISORDERLY *coming soon to Rewind
90’s Pillow triangle / As If – Ariskea *coming soon to Rewind
Funny Game Pink – Luas *coming soon to Rewind
As if sign/as if – Ariskea *coming soon to Rewind
Body glitter/flashback – DISORDERLY *coming soon to Rewind
Party balloon/turquoise – floorplan
Spice Girls Poster – gift*
Teddy Bear Backpack – Fashionably Dead
Pose: Glamrus


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