555- ’cause I found love in you



Build: Studio Skybox- fashionably dead – past arcade
Ceiling Lights/stringlights – Half Deer
Lightbulb terrarium/moss – tarte *new @ C88
Folk Carpet – The Secret Store
Fireplace: Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace – Apple Fall
Record Player – Hideki
Bicycle on the Wall/Stockholm – Bazar
Sofa/Sunday Morning Settee – RARE – ARIA
Birdy Sidetable – GA Home *new @ C88
Palma Coffee Decor – what next *new @ C88
Pillow/Leslie Pillow Beige – Mudhoney
Armchair/Blossom’s armchair – Kalopsia *new @ C88
Macrame & Ivy – The Secret Store
Art Canvas Print//Flor – Plastik *new @ C88
Papercut Banner – Foxy-silentsparrow
Cafe letterboard/thick thighs – floorplan. *new @ C88
Stove Silver – fashionably dead
Clock/giant clock(modded) – amala
Paint table/artisan atelier table – Cheeky Pea *coming soon to the epiphany
Cello/poppy’s cello – Kalopsia
Planter/Tinnia Planter. Gold – Plastik *new @ C88
Lamp/Blossom’s Lamp – Kalopsia *new@ C88
Summer garland – Imeka
Birds- GA Home *new @ C88
Potted sapling – tarte *new @ C88
Tasmin’s table plant/yellow pot – Kalopsia
through the looking circle/gold – vespertine
Table/blossom’s table – Kalopsia *new @ C88
Plant stand trio/white – PILOT *new @ C88
Blossom’s Lady Vase – Kalopsia *new @ C88
Sly fox print – floorplan
Gardening rug – tarte *new @ C88
Pencil case/artisian atelier – Cheeky pea *coming soon to the epiphany
Pile of Letters – Kalopsia
Artisian Atelier Palette Epiphany Exclusive – Cheeky Pea*coming soon to epiphany
Stack of books/Palma – what next *new @ C88
Terrarium – vespertine
Plant on Trunk – GA Home *new @ C88
Potted cactus – floorplan
Blossom’s Mister Vase – kalopsia *new @ C88
Grass Pot/Artisan Atelier – Cheeky Pea *coming soon to epiphany
Stacked pots – tarte *new @ C88
Palma potted plant – what next *new @ C88
Little watering can – tarte *new @ C88
Romarin Plant/Solace – Ariskea & Unkindness
Pile of Books – GA Home *new @ C88
Triange Wireshelf Gold – GA Home *new @ C88
Gilded blumen mirror / gold – vespertine *new @ C88
Radio.green/spring living – tres blah
Rustic shelf – brocante
Payphone/white – floorplan
Tin Can Plants 2- kalopsia

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