723- here’s to staying up and waking up with you


Sofa: Prescott Sofa/cream – Fancy Decor *new
Coffee table: Prescott coffee table – Fancy Decor *new
Chairs: Prescott Accent Chair – Fancy Decor *new
Fireplace: Georgian Gothic Fireplace – Apple Fall
Fireplace Screen – Peaches
Border rug/natural – what next
Diamonds Rug – what next
Sleeping sheltie – JIAN
Regal Bookcase/oak – Con
Canvas Sneakers Decor – Merak
Botanical tote – dust bunny *new
Prescott Vase with Branches- Fancy Decor *new
Prescott Book Stack – Fancy Decor *new
Breakfast time/cups on platter – Merak
Real Painting Acrylic/Louise – ariskea *new
Fall Sign – Basil *new
Curtains/panel texture change – what next
Butterfly Sewing Machine- bbqq
Sunday Morning Chandelier – ARIA
Hayward Outdoor Chandelier – The Loft
Aspidistra in Wicker planer – Apple Fall
Umbrella Holder – Dust Bunny *new
Rain boots/decor green – Izzie’s
Hanging plants/ivy planter – Dust Bunny
Sewing Machine Table Rare – Pixel Mode
Vintage Typewriter – LeP
Prescott Lanterns – Fancy Decor *new
Wood Sticks & baies/Louise – ariskea *new
Stay awhile/entry way- Dust Bunny *new
Gilded blumen mirror / gold- vespertine
Giant Clock – Amala
Industrial Lamp w/ Extender (Rust)- Apple Fall
Framed leaves/oak – Con
Chandelier/Green Grocers – 8f8
Gilded arrow mirror / gold- vespertine
Gold Circle Lamp – Fancy Decor
Cami’s garland/copper – Kalopsia
Black Stool/ Sadie’s Stools – Kalopsia
Flora Step Stool – Fancy Decor
Tabouret / Louise – ariskea *new
Firewood holder – junk
Branch coat rack – Dust Bunny *new
Bicycle on Wall – Bazar
Atelier Pendant Lamp – Apple Fall
Hanging plants/ spider plantter – dust bunny
Wall light/ Fall Harvest – Pixel Mode
Pumpkin orange/Louise – ariskea *new
Shelf/Prescott – Shelf – Fancy Decor *new
Marquee Letter P/Steel – tarte *new
Vintage books/salad days – tres blah
Prescott Photo Frame- Fancy Decor *new
Prescott Tray-Fancy Decor *new
Prescott Vases-Fancy Decor *new
Prescott Decorative Box-Fancy Decor *new
Prescott Honey Jug-Fancy Decor *new
Prescott Basket-Fancy Decor *new
Prescott Book Stack with Box-Fancy Decor *new
Prescott Books with Bookends-Fancy Decor *new
Prescott Petite Vases-Fancy Decor *new
Prescott Decorative Bowl-Fancy Decor *new
Prescott Leaning Books with Urn-Fancy Decor *new
Prescott 19th Century Painting-Fancy Decor *new
1940s Camera – Clean Decor-AsteroidBox
Built in Kitchen Skybox – hive