907 – and you’re burnin’ like a storm that’s gettin’ ready to break


Lingerie: London – Blossom&Seeds *new @ Cosmopolitan Events
Hair: Labyrinth – TRUTH
Boots: Canopus Boots – AsteroidBox
Choker: Ivy Velvet Choker/Black – RAMA
Rings: Justine Rings – Yummy
Cupcake/hold: Valentine #8 (hold) – ChicChica *new @Epiphany
Bed: Maddox Bed – Fancy Decor
Pink Wine: Valentine #5 – ChicChica *new @ Epiphany
Wine/roses: Valentine #11 – ChicChica *new @ Epiphany
Black/Red Wine: Valentine #3 – ChicChica *new @ Epiphany
Strawberries: Valentine #7 – ChicChica *new @ Epiphany
Pose: Fairyland 05 – Amitie *new @ Epiphany

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