1481 – just a lil shindig

{vespertine} – savoury rustic menu. – pear & blue cheese salad. // *new @ kustom9
{vespertine} – savoury rustic menu. – salted caramel pear cake *new @ kustom9
{vespertine} – savoury rustic menu. – fig galettes. *new @ kustom9
{vespertine} – savoury rustic menu. – chicken n gravy plate.*new @ kustom9
(Luc.) Georgia’s Custard *new @ kustom 9
(Luc.) Cup of Georgia’s Custard, with cherry *new @ kustom 9
(Luc.) Plated Pernil *new @ Anthem// nov 21′
(Luc.) Cuban Salad *new @ Anthem// nov 21′
(Luc.) Carving Knife & Fork *new @ Anthem// nov 21′
(Luc.) Pernil Pork Shoulder *new @ Anthem// nov 21′
(Luc.) Bowl of Yellow Rice *new @ Anthem// nov 21′
+Half-Deer+ Christmas Tree II – Modern – Tree
Fancy Decor: Merlot Wine Glass
[Merak] – Cooking Table
{vespertine} woodland twigs candle holder
..::THOR::.. Pepper Grinder
..::THOR::.. Scandinavian Armchair Canvas – adult // *new @ kustom9

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