1675 – I’m always in the mood for you

Aria –
Cardigan: Off-Shoulder Cardigan – Tetra
Top: Stephanie Top – Pixicat *new @
Pants: Perfect Skinny Jeans V.2 – ROULY
Hair: Jennifer – Magika
Shoes: Jones Bootie – Ingenue

The Old Book Shop – Amitie *new/coming soon to Arcade
Store: 12. Amitie Old BookShop – RARE
10. Amitie Geography Corner
04. Amitie Books on Sale
05. Amitie Books Covers
11. Amitie Couple Pose
02. Amitie Old News Bench
01. Amitie Welcome Sign
07. Amitie Maps on Box

Atelier Burgundy + Pitaya . Bookstore – map exhibitor
Atelier Burgundy + Pitaya . Bookstore – Sign Special Offer
Amitie Library Bookcase A & B
Atelier Burgundy + Pitaya . Bookstore – counter

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