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PLEASE ** copy the below to a note card and send to Aria Christen inworld if curious on price quoting.

• My decor photography can be found here – or

Thanks for your inquiry in my landscaping & interior work. This note card is to get a little information on your vision for your new home, store layout or event. I’ve been landscaping & decorating in second life for over four years. I’m also able to do wedding set up & events if needed.
If you have any questions outside of these- please include it in your note card and edit the note card title to : Inquiry for Landscaping & Interior Work: FIRST & LAST/RESIDENT name. Thank you!

• Do you have a home on your land that you currently want to use? Please include the name of the home & creator. If you’re looking to use a home I already carry in inventory I can provide it for free if I have it.

• Do the owners of the property have any rules about anything? scripts, animals etc.

• Are you wanting just your parcel, sim, half sim, etc decorated? I will need to look at the land to properly assess what plots are sectioned for who/what.

• Do you have a theme in mind for either interior or land? I do make mood boards on Pintrest for the client to view. This does not mean you’re home or land will look 100% like the photos that you see. I use them as inspiration.This is due to restrictions in certain items in second life that just aren’t made/created yet. <— you already did this so don’t worry about it!

• If you are curious about a interior decorated – how many room? Entire house? Rooms are based on cost. If a room is added in later there will be payment before the room is worked on.

• No projects will be started without proper payment. I no longer take partial payments. I’ve sadly had to go this route. This is my real life job and I take it seriously and put lots of long hours in. I do take Paypal as well (prefer it honestly) – this will include a invoice sent to the client. If a client pays only partial payment the lindens or Paypal will be returned within 24 hours if the customer has not made full payment.

• At the end of your project – I will do a walk through of the sim, home etc. If something is missed please let me know asap. Once I leave your project I usually start another right away. The quicker you tell me – quicker I fix it.

• Season changes are not included in the packages. I do those for for varied costs. Please inquire if you had past work with me and you want season changes in the future for your sim.

• So you’re moving? That’s great! 🙂 But please be kind with any no copy items I may have put in your homes. Some of them are very expensive and Second Life is not kind to things being returned.

• Price will vary on project due to the following above. Once that’s gone over I can properly assess costs.

• Projects can take anywhere from 2 days to a month or so. This all depends on what the client is looking for. If I tell you a month – please don’t make it two weeks & message me asking when it will be done every single day. I BEG YOU ❤ beauty takes time. why rush it?

• If there are any issues on sim with another resident (possibly trolling/harassing me) while decorating, I will address privately the issue with you before I return to the project.

• My decor photography can be found here – or

Thanks again!
Aria Christen


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