Decor & Landscape

{ hello }

Thank you for your intrest in my decor. The following is a little bit of information that might be helpful when considering me as your interior designer.

• My decor photography can be found here – or

• Depending on home size will most often depend on the time span it takes for me to finish it. Be aware that I work in real life . But when I’m not in real life – I’m usually here. I spend a few hours or more a day on decorating for commissions. Please fill out the questionnaire form so I can have a better idea of not only pricing but also timing.

• Landscaping is a additional price. It is not included with your home. If you need to have both done. There will be two quotes for each.

• All pricing and agreements must be fulfilled before decorating takes place. I can work out half / half pricing based on situation.

• Please be aware that I’m in to work for you based on commission. I keep my conversations limited and my decorating game face on. The more I talk the longer the process takes & the longer it takes for you to have a fully decorated home.

• If there are any issues on sim with another resident possibly trolling/harrassing me while decorating. I will address privately the issue with you before I return to the project.

• I also do landscaping & decorating for stores inworld as well.

• Any questions please contact Gemma Mornington. She’s my personal assistant in this and would love to help. Anything she is unable to answer. I’ll get back with you asap.

Thanks !
–Aria Christen


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